• Bypass the Transport Administrator-provider (TA-provider) and save money
  • Access our latest products and services first
  • Based on input, the Booking-API will provide you with a correct shipment label
API reference documentation

PostNord’s Booking-API will provide you with different shipping options, let you choose and place an order for the right shipping product, resulting in a correct shipment label.

Based on input about receiver and measurements /weight of the shipment, the API will present products (with delivery type and place), prices, pick-up options and estimated delivery times.

You can book the following products:

  • 17 PostNord MyPack Home 2.0 (H)
  • 18 PostNord Parcel (P)
  • 19 PostNord MyPack Collect (Z)
  • 24 PostNord MyPack Collect Return (KIR)
  • 32 PostNord MyPack Home (Q)
  • 52 PostNord Pallet (L)
  • 83 PostNord Groupage (G)

Contact information

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