• Enables you to bypass a TA-provider (Transport Administrator)
  • Gives you access to our latest products and services
  • Book shipments and returns, get labels and pick-up appointment or drop off location
API reference documentation

PostNord’s Booking-API will provide you with these main use cases:

  • Get possible product offerings and services
  • Get possible pick-up methods
  • Validation a booking before posting
  • Order a shipment with pick-up agreement and label

Based on input about the receiver, and measurements/weight of the parcel/shipment, the API will present products (with delivery type and place), prices, pick-up options and an estimated delivery time. You can book in all the Nordic countries¹ and parts of Europe².

You can book the following B2B products:
  • 18 - PostNord Parcel (P)
  • 52 - PostNord Pallet (L)
  • 83 - PostNord Groupage (G)
  • And we offer the following B2C products:
  • 17 - PostNord MyPack Home Unattended (H)
  • 19 - PostNord MyPack Collect (Z)
  • 20 - PostNord Return Pick-Up
  • 24 - PostNord Return Drop Off
  • 32 - PostNord MyPack Home Attended (Q)
  • 92 - MyPack Box (S)

  • You can read about the different products in our userguide.

    ¹Some exclusions may apply e.g. Svalbard and Greenland
    ²Requires an export agreement, and products (Parcel, Collect or Home) is based on availability in the countryª.
    ª Supported countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France, England, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuanian, Luxembour, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia